N E T W O R K I N G    E V E N T 

Engage. Learn. Apply. Nurture International Teams

Network with recruiters who are successfully growing International teams. Learn best practices. Get practical insights from global talent groups.

Venue: HTW Berlin Standort Wilhelminenhof | Gebäude G Raum 007| Wilhelminenhofstraße 75a | 12459 Berlin

Exchange ideas. Collaborate. Build global teams.

Open up to possibilities and new ideas from International candidates. Learn from Startup HRs who are successfully recruiting global talent

Focus Panel

Understand the challenges of International candidates as feedback to improve hiring processes

Learn from Global Teams & Managers

Open the dialogue channel and start learning from successful HRs leading International recruiting strategies

Market Career Opportunities

Opportunity to network and hire International Engineering Managers with cross cultural experience

Job Seekers

Go beyond Facebook Discussions

 Blindly trusting experts on Facebook groups? Time you did your own research, meet recruiters and fine tune your own applications

Perfecting the CV

What are the key things in a German format CV

Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid mistakes applicants already made in their applications and make smart applications

Language requirements

German language requirements for each department

Open positions

Network, plan internships and company thesis interesting career paths

Getting the Basics Right First

Got lost the first time you went to a Job Messe? You are not the only one. If you are like Josh from HTW, Berlin then you also have many questions about Jobs in Germany. It is time to know how to market your skills.


Beneficiary Format Discussion Topics
For HRs Panel Dicsussion Why should we hire International candidates? If so how? LinkedIn, Xing, Stepstone or Company website or Headhunters?
Job Seekers Q&A / Brainstorming/ Roundtable/ World Coffee What does it take to convince an HR of your capabilities?
Job Seekers Q&A / Brainstorming/ Roundtable/ World Coffee What do HRs look for in International candidates?
Job Seekers and HRs Q&A / Brainstorming/ Roundtable/ World Coffee How big is the requirement of German Language skills in specific job roles such as Marketing, Operations, Technology, Customer Support, Business Development, Research and Project Management
For HRs Presentation Presentation by chosen company - How they create a truly collaborate international team that delivers.

Ready to Make a Change?

Bluebilities Talent Talk brings together Job Seekers, Talent Acquisition Experts and HRs successfully growing global teams. It is an opportunity to connect with the latest best practices in International Talent Management in fast growing environments

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