Report- iCafé- Entry to Job Opportunities in Germany at IASH

Date: 10th February 2018 (16:00-18:00 hours)

Location: International office, Welfengarten 1A, 30167 Hannover

Participants: 35 IASH members and non-members

The first iCafé of 2018 was organized on 10th February 2018 with focus on internships and job opportunities in Germany. The guest speaker was Dr. Markus Wiencke, who is founder and managing director of Blubilities- a business networking company located in Berlin. He aims to bring together highly qualified Indian graduates and experts particularly in the fields of mathematics, computer sciences,
natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law and economics with SMEs and larger-sized businesses by providing value-based strategies for international recruiting & training.

The event was well received by students and young professionals who aim to apply for internships or are actively seeking jobs in Germany. Out of 45 registrations, 35 attended the event. The active participation of this enthusiastic group of Indians of Hannover and around made the first iCafé of this year a great success. The iCafé started on time with the introduction of guest speaker Dr. Markus
Wiencke by Dr. Jay Shankar Selvadurai, vice-president of IASH for finance and fund raising. The expert talk by Dr. Matkus Wiencke addressed in detail the job market of Germany, the recruitment strategies of large companies and small start-ups, internship applications and how they can help as stepping stones to a professional career. The discussion session that followed brought up many questions related to job search, internship applications, types of work visa, and importance of German language. Dr. Markus Wiencke was facilitated at the end by IASH president Mrs. Ratna Manikyam Atloori, who presented him with a Tricolor Shawl as token of our appreciation. Overall, the topic was very interesting for students and young professional and this iCafé provided them with a German prospective by an expert who knows the Indian psyche and have worked with them before.