Your Opportunity to Be a   Cross Cultural Leader 

Applications deadline – April, 30th 2018

Bluebilities Leadership Program is a deep dive into German work culture while you are studying. An opportunity to network with startups, corporations and middle size companies. Various possibilities to interact one on one with mentors in German companies and represent us on multiple platforms. 

What is unique about the program?

Our leaders are the bridge between their communities and German corporations. They develop a strong understanding of European work culture and in demand skills. They bridge the information gap between companies and students

Access Industry Experts and Community Networks

Develop Hands on Practical Leadership Skills

Get Noticed by Potential Employers

What are we looking for?

Our leaders are ready to speak about their experiences in Germany in front of groups and hosting meetings with mentors from industries. They bring forward added skills like 
  • Previously demonstrated leadership potential that we would further develop
  • Strong interpersonal skills with various stakeholders
  • Ability to set high standards for others.
  • Group management and event organization experience

The Selection Process

We look for diversity, potential and a range of professional experiences. Leaders who have the commitment to create an impact.

Stage 1


At this stage we try to understand why you are interested in the programme

Stage 2


A 30 minute telephonic interview that will help us in our evaluation of your profile and motivation

Stage 3


After the final stage of shortlisting and review our team will send acceptance letters

The Leadership Program Experience

An opportunity to engage directly with international experts from diverse backgrounds. A chance to accelerate your career.

  • Chance to be featured as a recommended high potential candidate for our clients
  • Experience letter
  • Chance to be a part of networking forums of professionals
  • Coverage of expenses during programme

Frequently Asked Questions


We understand this is a new direction for you and there might definitely be some unanswered questions. Here we try to answer as many as possible

What is this program about?
This program is an opportunity to spend time beyond your study schedules and network with industry professionals in German companies. Get a lot of knowledge about the various career possibilities that exist in Germany and then come back around and design events and programmes with us to help people from your community, university and peer groups know about these possiblities
Who will I interact with?
We are talking about industry professionals and people working in Automotive, Data science, Bio technology, Strategy consultancy in various capacities.
Who can Apply?
International students currently enrolled in a Masters, Bachelors or Phd program at a German university.
What are the documents needed for application?
Your resume and an Letter of Motivation mentioning –
Why do you wish to join the programme?
Which previous experiences makes you a best for for the programme?
How much time commitment is needed?

Quarterly meetings, coordination with leaders, creating events would take approx 10 hours per month of your time

Do I need to pay anything?
No, this program is free of charge and voluntary
Am I contract bound to this program?
The program is designed for the socially motivated and committed leadership personalities. We do not wish to contractually bind anyone for this program and as mentioned, is completely voluntary.
How many positions are open?
We have 5 openings for the current cohort.

Apply now!

Learn outside the classroom and develop deep real world networks. Join the Bluebilities Leadership Program 2018

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