Bluebilities: Can you please tell about personality aspects? You have been working within Indians as well as with Germans. In terms of employment, jobs, looking for a job, and placing themselves in a correct position or to find them in the correct place. How do you find or rate a German and an Indian?

Priyadarshini:  From the individual perspective I would rather say is most Indians want to work out to have a global exposure especially when it comes to German companies. What we will have to focus as an Indian graduate is that what the company actually requires and how we can help them to bridge the gap. Whatever they think the company could have as a need in that particular industry, and what skill set they have, and how to break the gap, and how they can use means to break the gap that’s one. When it comes to looking for job opportunities in Germany most of us look only at the top, at the known companies as such.

I would rather say that there are more and more opportunities in the companies that are – maybe not as popular as those well-known companies, medium-sized companies. I see more and more startups are looking to hire talent outside the country, that is outside Germany. As an individual one should be aware there are a more of opportunities than what we know and looking for the right places. Let’s say, for example, LinkedIn is one of the best places to look for job opportunity given that they’re written up. It is hunting or sourcing ground for all the startups and the medium-sized companies.

Having an idea that such companies also look for will give us confident, saying that there are opportunities beyond what we think. That awareness is the key and that is was is lacking I would say.

Bluebilities: How do actually define performance as your dissertation was also on performance?
Priyadarshini:  With respect to my thesis the form of performance was particularly financial indicators, but if you want to talk from people’s perspective the performance would be an organisation that focuses on people productivity per individual.  Organisation that are much more open and much more increasing people are the ones that are known to have the best employers.

Bluebilities: Do you also think that a candidate should be trained regarding cultural aspects so that it will be useful for him or her to work in any company?
Priyadarshini:  I would rather sensitize people on certain aspects like in an Indian organisation we rate power quite high. The hierarchies and power are very visible. In think in Germany or in any other western countries the power distance is much lesser.
I think that any company that hires people from another continent should organize a an introduction into their and sensitize on e individual levelt o get the people better integrated.

Bluebilities: What do you mean with cultural sensitization?
Priyadarshini:  I would rather say cross-cultural management, using also team trainings. I would rather say a training about seven days would be good.

Bluebilities:  Great. Thank you.
Priyadarshini : Thank you