We often talk to job seekers from international backgrounds and try to understand their perspectives. In the process we get better and better opportunities for jobs. 

Bluebilities: Can you please tell about yourself?
Deep: I at the Deep Sengupta. I belong to the eastern part of India, Kolkata. I am a SAP Consultant and working in Accenture for around 10 years. India, the northern part of India, west and in south. Sun, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, US. This is the particular thing I’m doing for 10 years, this SAP Consulting Board. I wish to excel further in this technology and that particular functional background that I have.

Bluebilities: Since when are you here in Germany?
Deep: I was in Germany from April 2014 to 2015 mid-June.

Bluebilities: Are you right now in a job seeker visa?
Deep: I have applied for a job seeker. Most likely I’ll get the approval in another week or two.

Bluebilities:  Okay, that’s great. Your basic intention is to find a job here in Germany? Is that right?
Deep: Absolutely.

Bluebilities:  May I ask you, you have worked for several companies, several countries around the globe and so on, I would say. Why did you choose Germany? You have a lot of interesting countries to visit. Germany is also a very good, interesting country, but why did you choose Germany, working for US, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries too?
Deep:There are two or three reasons for doing so. The work culture actually attracts me and the respect for the individual and the respect for a consultant. That’s actually much more inspiring. Second is the innovation. That particular thing is quite hard tech in Germany, and I would like to leverage all my technical and functional skills in the new IT innovation in any of the German company. I want to contribute there and I want to learn and excel there for longer term.

Bluebilities: What do you mean by respect in the term from the first point?
Deep: You know that I traveled a lot. Once I reach any of the customer’s office or client’s office, then it should be warm or the respect that you get as a consultant, that’s quite high in Germany. The respect for the individual in a work place is much higher compared with other countries.

Bluebilities:  Let me ask you another question. What do you think are the supporting factors for you to work in Germany? What are the factors that are supporting you to work? What are the hindering factors?
Deep: In supporting factors, I want to say that my previous experience is going to be a big plus point and therefore the German market is booming right now. All over the world, the German companies, they are doing lot of tie-ups and they are growing there. Their economy is growing. The entire group’s economy is so growing. Right now, if I have to get there, then I have a job, then my technical capabilities and functional capabilities, they want to make a significant contribution to this growth as well.

Bluebilities: Then what are the hindering factors?
Deep: One of them that I see, that’s the language I think, but I’m really motivated, so soon as I land there, I want to start my A2 certification there in German language. I want to take it as a very serious step in my career opportunities as well. That’s the only one barrier that I have to conquer. That’s the only one setback that probably I have.

Bluebilities: Coming from the Eastern part of India, What do you think about the culture of German companies and what do you think about yourself?
Deep: The work culture is very peaceful and nice. At least you can enjoy your morning coffee every day in the office. That’s the main difference between these two particular areas. The peacefulness and the social harmony in life, that is more lucrative for me. As the vacations, the social benefits, the social security and the entire working, how the society is running, it’s very convenient for us. I found it very convenient. The TA, as you know, in the Eastern part of India, that’s not well-developed today. It’s particularly lagging behind in many areas in socioeconomic factors.

Bluebilities:  I would say for example, there are two candidates sitting in the interview. There is one, another guy and another guy. If I’m a recruiter, why do you think I should recruit you?
Deep: That’s probably because of my national experiences and my skill set indeed, new IT or the next generation technologies.

Bluebilities:  Let’s say, there is another international candidate is competing with you and you are another international candidate. Let’s say like, what uniqueness you can bring to yourself from the company? Recruiting a German guy or some other guy?
Deep:Innovation. I always try to create my own ways of working from the organization or my client, who gets benefit out of it. That’s one. Second is the work harmony, the team membership. I worked in a larger team share and have a very good relationship with all the team members. That’s the particular culture that we have in Germany, the colleagues, they care for each other. I can bring happiness to the work place.

Bluebilities: Do you really think there is a big demand in the German market, do you think that the indian thing is overwhelming Indian high potential talents? Do you think this is a big wideness in English job market? What is your perspective on this?
Deep:Absolutely because if there is a right candidate for the right job, I think, whether it’s Indian or German, it does not matter in today’s globalization world. Yes, there’s a huge demand on the German market and in India. I think that this particular, this can be very good, particular match, that particular IT skill from India to Germany. They can match the expectation.

Bluebilities:  As a job seeker right now, what are the difficulties you are facing to find a job, to find an open position, to approach a company? What are the difficulties that you are facing through this process?
Deep: The first and foremost is the language. The other part is the cover letter because in India we do not have to submit any cover for a job here. In Germany, most of the positions we have to write a cover letter. Writing a good cover letter is one of the problems that I see in my case. Secondly is–

Bluebilities:  Say for example, I’m a HR, I’ve read your cover letter, I’m impressed with your cover letter. You are more suitable for the job. You’re called for the interview or scrutinized through the screening process. What are the difficulties you face there as a job seeker?
Deep: On behalf of the applicants, I had a few interviews in the last 2-3 months. Those were Skype’s calls, the Skype business calls. The interview process is little bit different than we have in India. They would like to have a prospective, what are the motives that you have working in Germany. Then the missing visibility, when I am in India and I do not have the job seeker visa. Once I am in Germany getting a job becomes much more easier.
In India, they have the call and then some of the recruiters, they reply that, „We’re not sure what you’re going to get the visa or not.“ If the visa gets rejected, then you’ll be here . “ They do not take the gamble on that. Sometimes we get this kind of responses. So another thing is the salary how much do the midsize companies pay you? What is the German market for that? This particular guidance is pretty much required I think.

Bluebilities: Okay.Thank you, Mr. Sengupta. It was very nice talking to you. Hope you find a suitable job in the next near future.

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