Bluebilities: Hi Deep can you share your experiences, who are you, where do you come from?
Deep: Okay. Thank you so much for inviting me for this interview. It was not plan for me to do any masters. I finished my bachelor’s degree in print and media from Nepal Institute of Technology in Kannada and then I was looking for a job. I got a job, but at the same time one of my senior, he traveled to Germany for an exchange student program. He had a plan to stay in Germany and study and work here. I was in contact with him. He uses to talk about Germany and German culture, German study and all those things. Somehow it was in my mind, and I was liking that.

You have to be theoretically very strong. You have lots of things to do and then you have to deliver. Somehow I was not that kind of student. I was more about hard work in a sense of learning through a practical and then delivering in the examination room. Somehow I’m missing this. This impression of German and German teaching style helps me to, or motivates me to join the Master course. Then, at the same time Manipal University had a study program with Chemnitz University. In that program, one year I have to study in Germany and then one year after study in India.

I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2008 then I worked for one in Bangalore, and then did my German course back in my hometown which is Patna Bihar for six months. Then, I came to Germany. It was a bit difficult because there was very little student that was traveling to Germany. Finding a way, regulations, how to find a hostel, what kind of expenses will there be. It was very difficult, but because I had a friend here, it helped me a lot to understand these things. At the same time, this double degree program is also for the jobs. They came to India and they studied six months together and then they left.

We had to join you in the same classroom to study. Good thing is that in six months when we studied together, we learned a lot from each other. We had the six students from Germany and all the six became a very good friend of us. We roam around in India, we spend almost every evening together, whether it’s lunch, dinner. Then we came here and these students were there in India. They really helped us in Germany in the first few months. They explained the system, all the regulations. It took us no more than a month to start the gelling the German system.

So I worked as a student for one year. I worked here mostly as a student researcher on small jobs, any job in the university and worked under a professor. Afterwards, a professor offered to him on a researcher position. I was there for a while and spent some time at India sitting in Manipal University.

Indian and Indian University. Lucky I got Indian who was doing coursework at Indian University, where I studied. He offered to join his team where he had a plan to open a company based on the field where I did my masters studies. It’s called printed electronics. I and my colleague were both in India. There is another colleague, he was not a part of the university but he was a colleague of my guide.

This is because we startup company and we did not have that mutual fund. The professor has been a facility in the university. We got some fund from German agencies. Initially, small fund to do some research, extra research, and make the product ready for the market.

At the same time we did all the research and then our own facility where research and production both took place at the same time. We start working from that time onwards and until now we are a bit stable, let’s say. Nothing really bad situation, but yes, the growing stage is still going on. This is my part and that’s where it came from. In 2009, when I cam – 17, Indian students who started at Indian Culture Center where Indian activities are happening. So in 2010, I joined them, they started, they left.

What do I want to do? – I started playing cricket in Lahr in Germany in 2013. When I started the company at the same time, I thought of starting a cricket club in Chemnitz. I am taking care of it. The journey of the cricket club is also with the company.

Currently we are playing in the East in Germany and last year we played first time. This year so it’s going to make better this year. We started with only students of university, worker of university. Right now we have 17 refugees so in our club where we teach them, we support them somehow financially, motivate them what they do, what they do, they teach them because they have a complain about the German system the general life .

I therefore do discuss, we try to solve them, and give them an idea what to do, where to go, what authority they should meet for their problems, such things. Well, me and some of my friends – because definitely I will give, I want to give you one idea what is coming from my mind, but I always try to get some more guys the situation, so I can deliver the ideas then I deliver to the students. This is the thing I am doing and I like to do and the others.

Bluebilities: What kind of problems do you usually face? What is the prospective student of Chemnitz?
Deep: See, the major issue is that the student who comes here, they are loosing their motivation. Personally this is my feeling. They are not focusing on the German language which is very important. Luckily in my field when I started. Now students are so many like more than thousand. If a student is just active, it will not work. Which I feel and are focusing on the German language. If they are focus on German language, they are not the focus. At least they should start speaking a bit.

Writing and correct grammar is not that much important. What is the major thing which is lagging in students and their major problem? But here is the system you can read and you can write whatever you know. It’s not like what the lecture or this body you have to write the same thing.

There’s one research paper behind it, so you have to go through the research paper. Speak you who go to the professor speak. They go only with the slide. That is learning. I always tell you that whenever you have doubt, just go and discuss; does not matter if they are stupid, very easy for professors to answer, but they have to start doing this. This is the major thing which they are painting.

Bluebilities: Thank you very much, Deep.