The Community of Indo German Startups 

An active network of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators interested in growing their ideas in India and Germany. Build your own growth story. Connect. Share. Learn

Connect With Radically Disruptive Creaters

We network with more than 40+ startups right now and a panel of incubators and investors. We focus on technologies that can make a real life social impact. We hope to support more innovators building for the bottom line of the developing worlds.

Collaborative Learning

We create opportunities for getting the right support for your startup journey. While you work on your passions we get invite experts to guide you on how to solve the most common challenges faced while working on an idea

Upcoming Events and Activities 

We recently concluded the Indo German Entrepreneurship pitch competition. A combination of startup pitches, expert speakers, networking and connecting with potential investors.  We plan to continue to build the community and love to have you on the journey

Latest News

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In conversation with Indo German Young Leader Srinath Rangarajan

Bluebilities: Srinath Rangarajan, very happy to have you on the call. I would just like to know what was your background and what do you do here in Germany? Can you just give me a very short overview? Srinath: I came to Germany in 2010 my for my master's in Automotive...