Partners is a project initiated by the Embassy of India in Berlin (Germany) and in association with various student associations of Germany with the goal of facilitating open communication and sharing of information across all the Indian students and student organizations in Germany.

The primary goals of the project include:

  • Encourage dissemination and sharing of information regarding issues including, but not limited to student visa, job opportunities, cultural events, scholarships etc
  • Provide suitable emergency contacts for the Indian students in Germany
  • Connect potential employers (in India and Germany) with Indian students for job/internship opportunities

HTW Berlin

Master of Business Administration & Engineering
HTW Berlin

The MBA&E is an international postgraduate degree programme that provides a balanced combination of technical and management competencies. The interdisciplinary graduates typically work at the interface of the technical and business administration domains, often in an international context.

The programme enrols annually a significant number of talented Indian students, some of whom wish to stay in Germany after graduation. The MBA&E collaborates with Bluebilities to meet the demand for internationally oriented technical management graduates at German businesses.

GISMA Business School

GISMA, the German International School for Management and Administration, was founded in 1999 to support the business community of Lower Saxony in its internationalization efforts by providing international management education to young professionals and executives from Germany and all over the world. Since then, GISMA has graduated a global community of alumni who have accelerated their careers in Germany and abroad with a sound foundation in management theory, diverse practical experience, and invaluable connections with fellow graduates and other GISMA alumni. GISMA classes are taught by expert faculty from around the world who bring both academic and practical experience to the classroom.

Association of Indian Students in Aachen

Association Indian Students Aachen (AISA) has been conceived and established with a primary aim to preserve and increase awareness of Indian heritage through the ideals of cultural awarenss, political awareness, social awareness, and community service in Aachen.

AISA would be the platform to provide an opportunity for Indian students and community to interact and share the joy of the rich and diverse Indian culture and heritage, and to educate others by bringing awareness. Our goal is to promote the awareness of cultural diversity by organizing cultural and social events on campus.

Indian Cultural Center Chemnitz

Indian Cultural Centre(ICC) was founded in 2008 by researchers and students of TU Chemnitz. Founded this welfare society to work actively for helping each student coming from India to Chemnitz to study and aiming at helping them at each step. The goal is to help students develop academically, culturally and socially. This not only helps the students have a comfortable living during studies but also integrate better away from home.

Heidelberg Indians – Students Association

HISA is a non-profit organization established in 2003 by the Indian students in Heidelberg, Germany and runs solely on volunteer donations. HISA is now officially recognized by the University of Heidelberg as an international student organization. Presently, the organization has 531 members, major proportion consists of students from educational institutions, namely German Cancer Research Centre (DFKZ), University of Heidelberg, European Molecular Biology laboratory (EMBL), Max Planck Institutes (MPI), SRH, etc. Though the name of our association gives a first impression of a student organization, significant number of our member includes professionals from companies like SAP and BASF, IBM, etc. Also membership is not restricted to Indians but also open to all nationalities.
HISA is driven by enthusiastic committee members who work voluntarily to achieve the objectives of the organization. The posts in the HISA committee include President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Cultural secretary, and the tenure of each committee is one year. Every year, prospective candidates for above posts are nominated by the members and the committee members are eventually elected by all HISA members via formal election procedures, dictated by our constitution.

Magdeburg Indians e.V.

Established in 2002, we are a registered non-profitable organization by Indian students pursuing their studies in Magdeburg. This society of our students is a group of extraordinary committee with organized and well equipped members to favor and assist every Indian student coming to Magdeburg. Our aim is to help the new students in aspects like facilitating them to acclimatize to the new place. We also aim to help them in mingling with students from various countries, self development and also in academics.

Maintaining a cultural gesture and promoting our tradition has always been our top priorities. We always strive to showcase our vibrant culture by organizing various Indian events, where we invite people belonging to different countries and thus foster the international unity.

Indian Students’ Association Bremerhaven

The Indian Students‘ Association Bremerhaven was founded in the year 2017 by two dynamic students, Aniket Choudhary and Vamsidhar Gannavarapu. For years it has had a strong association with the Indian Students Association Bremen. Owing to the growing number of Indian Diaspora in Bremerhaven, the Indian Students‘ Association Bremerhaven finally decided to become independent so as to contribute more actively to the welfare of students of all nationalities of Hochschule Bremerhaven. Mentored by some of the best mentors, the advisory board comprises of Mr. Madan Raigar (Consul General of India at Hamburg), Mr. Ramesh T (Vice Consul General of India at Hamburg), Mr. Bala Ramani (International Office, Leibniz University, Hannover), Mr. Rajesh Mishra (founder President of Shaktya e.V.), Mr. Aniket Choudhary (founder of Indian Students‘ Association Bremerhaven). The core team of the association is headed by Gunjan Lodha who currently serves as the president.


Indian Student Association Bremen

ISAB – Indian Students Association Bremen is formerly called as “Indian Network @ Uni Bremen” is a community of indian students who are studying in university of Bremen, Hochschule Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen.

Our Mission is to support the indian students who are studying in Germany living in bremen academically and personally.
We promote and cherish the prosperous culture of the sub-continent “India” through out cultural events.
We also strive to make the students feel home with lots of festival celebrations and dun events.

We are a part of Indian Students in Germany Portal started by Embassy of India. Students who register themselves for higher studies in Germany are requested to register in the Portal below to be constantly informed about the events happeneing around and also the support and services provided by Embassy of India for indian students.

Indian Students Association at Hamburg University of Technology


As the University grew and became more International, many of the national students associations have formed under the aegis of TUHH Students Union AStA. The aim of these associations were being to co-ordinate, help and diffuse information among prospective and current students from respective countries about TUHH in general. In this respect, to serve the Indian students, Indian Students Association at TUHH (ISATUHH) is formed. ISATUHH has come a long way from the early days and has taken up more responsibilities not only to serve the Indian students better, but also to spread an awareness about India and its culture to the International community at TUHH.

Darmstadt Indian Association e.V.


Darmstadt Indian Association e.V (DIA) has been established with a primary aim to preserve and increase awareness of Indian heritage through the ideals of cultural awareness, social awareness, and community service in Darmstadt and surrounding area. DIA would be the platform to provide an opportunity for Indian community to interact and share the joy of the rich and diverse Indian culture and heritage, and to educate others by bringing awareness. Our goal is to promote the awareness of cultural diversity by organizing cultural and social events. Apart from cultural activities, DIA would also be responsible for helping new students make their transition to Darmstadt a pleasant one.