Sanketh, an aspiring candidate looking for an internship (Pflichtpraktikum) and his Master thesis in Cyber security through Bluebilities, has completed his Bachelors in Electronics and Communication in India and since 2017, he has been doing his Masters in Applied Computer Science in SRH Heidelberg, Germany with focus on Cyber Security. He has previously worked as a Cyber Security analyst in PricewaterhouseCoopers in India and through this, he has had experience in various areas like ISO27001: 2013 Auditing and Risk Assessment, Web Application Testing, Penetration Testing, Configuration review of access control lists. He has various hobbies but cycling tops the list.

Being avid cyclists, he and his friends, Akash S Kumar and Saumil Sah, embarked on a remarkable journey from Heidelberg to Eindhoven on their cycles. They covered around 408 Kilometers one-way (816 totally) in 4 days and raised 1 dollar for each kilometer and hence their campaign was titled ‘Dollar for a Kilometer’. These funds were then used to support charity: water – an American organization that executes projects to make clean water more accessible to the most needy.  –


Here is his story in his own words:

Heidelberg to Koblenz | Day 1 | 0 – 88 km
The weather forecast for the 4 days had us worried all week, but once the day arrived it seemed to favour our journey. We began cycling from Gau-Bickelheim, with our backpacks filled with super nutritious snacks and our heads giddy with excitement for what was about to come. Our trail started off with small hilly vineyards – a route with erratic terrain but the scenery making it all worthwhile. Once we reached Bingen, the rest of our day seemed like we were cycling through pictures that we had only seen on computer screen savers before, a neat track along a majestic river flanked by mountain ranges and small castles every 30 mins just like in the sets of game of thrones.

Koblenz to Cologne | Day 2 | 89 – 181 km
Another entire day along the Rhine commenced but this time with slightly harsher weather. On the second day we encountered a bunch of noteworthy things. Camping areas filled with RVs and people BBQ-ing along the river, villages however small having an energetic vibe and a historic feel, very elderly people who too were cycling long distances long the river, stumbling into a restaurant which was run by an Indian, to mention some of them. The weather deteriorated significantly after crossing Bonn but at the end of the day we were greeted by some wonderful Airbnb hosts at Cologne with whom we got to experience an Easter dinner with their family.

Cologne to Swalmen | Day 3 | 182 – 272 km
We decided to spend at-least an hour in cologne before continuing our journey – not sufficient to do justice to the city but we satisfied ourselves with Cologne’s energy, the city’s architecture and of course the beautiful cathedral. Our trail on the 3rd day was mainly flat with stretches of green and brown fields in every direction, it was exciting to know that we will be crossing the border this day and we felt good about ourselves to have some this far which fueled us for the rest of the day.  The view did not disappoint us even until the last village in Deutschland, Bruggen. We were unique visitors to a village, which understandably does not get many tourists, taking pictures, & videos drew lot of attention, which we had gotten quite used to by this time. Crossing the border was not as dramatic as we hopped, a small sign saying Nederland was all we got but the change in architecture made us feel like we were actually in another country.

Swalmen to Eindhoven | Day 4 | 273 – 358 km
By this day the comradery among the 3 of us helped us get through our tiredness and kept us going. The deadline to reach Fontys University by 2pm (70kms in 4 – 5 hours) seemed impossible at first but with some sacrifices to taking pictures and maintaining a consistent pace of 15 – 20km/ hr with pre-calculated breaks, we were well on track.  The lovely weather we had on day one was back and the flat region with some head winds were also some helping factors that got us to Eindhoven on time. Reaching the signboard with “Eindhoven” written on it gave us a taste of victory, which I find hard to translate.

Our 4-day journey from Heidelberg to Eindhoven helped us explore Deutschland and Nederland (geographically and culturally) in the best way possible and is something we will cherish for a long time to come. We also ended up fundraising 862 Dollars for charity: water from friends and family, which will help 23 more people get access to clean water. Most importantly this experience gave us a sense of achievement, which will help us strive for higher goals in life.

This makes Sanketh an extraordinary person, with the zeal to excel in any field and the passion to serve the society makes him an eligible candidate and through Bluebilities, he desires to find an opportunity which fits his profile and helps him grow.