We were in conversation recently with Mr Himansu Patel, someone who is a veteran in the field of cross border cooperation between Germany and India specially in the business collaboration. He shared his thoughts on how the future looks like for the exchange of talent and knowledge between these two very special economies.

Bluebilities – Mr Himansu, could you tell us a bit about your background?
Himansu: Originally, I am from Shertha a small village near Ahmedabad Gujarat. Recently I started an IT and Industry 4.0 company providing AI, IIoT Products and consulting with partners in Germany.
After learning German in Pune, I came to Germany in 2002 for my further studies so completed my BBA in Business Management at Potsdam University and MBA in International Business at University of Applied Science in Berlin so now I can say that I have spent half of my life in India and half in Germany. (16 years). Knowing German language helped me the most to have a successful career in Germany and it is still useful to satisfy my customers in Germany at highest level.

After my studies started working for an American IT company as Key Account Manager in Bangalore because I could not find a right job in Germany and in 2009 I return to Germany to help a logistics company to develop their business between Europe and Indian Subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). During my last 10 years of experience, I have visited more than 1200 companies in Germany and India and have helped many companies to reduce the cost and improve the results. Furthermore, I have given some workshops and speeches on Indo-German business, Outsourcing, Supply Chain and cultural related topics.

Bluebilities: Could you give more details about your company?
Himansu: We build IIOT, AI Products, IT trainings & recruiting, Management Consulting, and Customer Communication Management Solutions in Europe.

Bluebilities: Mr Himansu, your work in the Indo-German relationship is extensive.  Could you share more details about it?
Himansu: I have already supported many Indian and German companies to promote their business e.g. from how to start a company in Germany or in India and how to gain new business in respective countries. Furthermore, I assist time by time Gujarat Government and Indian consulate in Frankfurt for Indo-German bilateral business development and events such as Vibrant Gujarat and Tamil Nadu Food Investment Summit.

Bluebilities: Do you also mentor people living here in Germany?
Himansu: Normally, I support around 15 to 27 students from India, because when I came to Germany, I was also supported by some of the senior people who were already there before me. They supported me very well to integrate with the Germans. Since I personally have gone this so I know how to guide new students in Germany specially with finding a suitable jobs or trainee.

Bluebilities: Can you also please tell me the differentiation how the integration was in 2009 and how it has changed in 2018? Maybe, like over the period of eight, nine years, did you see any changes?
Yes there has been lots of changes and to highlight some big changes which I have observed.
First change I observed, is that the German education system that was equivalent of Diploma system but German Government has adopted international Bachelor’s and Master’s system some years back and another change was that many masters and bachelors studies are now offered in English medium so there are more and more Indian students are studying in Germany.  Since Indian Students number and community is growing so there is huge variety of Indian food and row materials are available in Germany.

Bluebilities: Can you tell me what are the supporting factors that you had in 2009 and what do you think that is missing right now? 
Himansu: According to me, as a new comer or a Student in Germany, It is really hard to find an accommodation and the first job and furthermore, the biggest barrier which I observed is the German language.  I was lucky to have some good friends who supported me when I moved to Frankfurt and it is also useful to engage with German friends and families for social and professional development.

Bluebilities: What would be your advice to young professionals?
Himansu: Straight forward communication, reliability, punctuality and also individual field and hard work. You should be a very good expert in it. It is something which was very important. In the beginning, as well, I faced this problem but after six months, I was able to overcome those challenges.

Bluebilities: Why do you think there is a growing demand for International candidates from India?
Himansu: Firstly, they are good at computer because now everything is digitized. So IT expertise. Second thing is they could speak English. Third thing, they also ought to know and most important that they are here on work visa. They can stay here for a longer time with their company. So the long-term perspective. Last but not the least, it is also important for them that Indians, if they don’t know something, they can easily adapt and learn those things which are required at the work. So the flexibility.

Bluebilities: Do you think that the work that we are doing for the international job seeker community would be valuable?
 What you are doing well is that you are focusing on a certain geography. I think this is a really good initiative very likely to have big demand in the next 2/5 years.

Bluebilities: Would you like to add anything?
Himansu: Indian Community in Germany is growing and it is also well respected by German authorities because during my last year as Indian community representative I received these feedback. Furthermore, Gujarati Samaj Germany e.V. & TiE Deutschland e.V. is also supporting Students and new comers in Germany and as Founding member I would request to get in touch with them.

Bluebilities: Thanks a lot. It was very nice talking to you and you have given really very beautiful insights and I really appreciate that.

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