We are in conversation with Team Artbook, who are becoming a tech solution to help them.
 Welcome. Before going into a very detailed conversation, you can just explain what is Artbook. You have mentioned there are some problems. Can you define what are the problems? When did you come together to find some solutions?
Team Artbook:International artists, including art like buildings, sculpture, design art, and types of designs. They are having problems finding a gallery, making group projects, and making international connections. It is not easy to connect each other. We do not know these artists who make good art. This platform is for the artists and their CV, portfolio, and artist statements. This is making it a platform special for art connection.

Bluebilities: Galleries could find the new artists and the curator could find a project of collaboration with each other. That’s why it’s a dedicated platform to bring the artist all together in the front.
Team Artbook: Yes. Finding easily all types of art. On a website, folk arts from India, there is none anywhere. So many people like folk art from India, so it’s easy to find it.

Bluebilities: What is so unique about your platform?
Team Artbook: For example, if I’m an artist and I want to exhibit my art in a gallery. What I want to do, what is the exact procedure? I have to email the galleries. I have to do that in my portfolio or whatever I have done. If my art wants to be suitable for their gallery or not. They just take that art and see. Maybe it takes a lot of time for them, because they do not know exactly how it will look. What we are bringing is a platform in this virtual reality.

Galleries or any person wants to see how they look in their house. For example, if you are an art lover, you want to buy some art for your new house. Then you just scan, take some pictures artists are selling. You just can see how it looks in your house. In this way, virtual reality will help you to understand how the art will look like like. Galleries can just select the artists. Very soon an artist wants to get an opportunity to exhibit the art. Secondly, artists are all over the world. Most of the people do not know who are the artists.

Artists do not know how to contact the galleries. Galleries do not always have to go to see who’s mailing is and what the work is. They really do not have that to do with this business. Right now, we use social networking to connect with each other. Our platform wants to give them a dedicated platform, all these artists will come together. They can understand the new ideas, how the art is going on right now.

For example, a virtual artist knows some good ideas, some other person. In this way they will help each other. If there is an opportunity to exhibit in a gallery, they need a group of artists. They can find co-artists in this platform and take many people together. Galleries wants a benefit. In this way this platform is going to help each other.

Bluebilities: One of you is a scientist, another one of you is an IT expert. What are the problems that you faced when you met each other? You have achieved so much. What do you think about the upcoming people?
Team Artbook: Okay, I jump in. Basically our diversity is our strength in that sense. We have an artist. We have a developer. We have a scientist. While discussing with each other, every one of us had a different perspective. Looking at the problem from different angles. The scientist had a difficulty understanding the artist. The artist had a difficulty understanding the developer. The developer had a difficulty understanding the tester.
It was not that easy to be honest. However, one thing common in us is that we are working as a team. Whatever we have, all the questions. We put that in the front of each other. The important part for us is that the team is very important for us. Every single member’s opinion. Every single member’s understanding about the problem and perspective. We take it into account. That’s how we are growing. I hope that this is the most important part for you. It can solve any problem with them. Ideas come and go once we have a very good team, we can realize any idea. If you have a good idea but not a good team, we can not realize that.

Bluebilities: How do you want to scale up your business? In India or in Germany?







Team Artbook: Anuradha is currently, as she is our marketing person or let’s call it marketing manager if it’s the proper terminology. She’s talking to a lot of customers, our future customers. Our future customers, our artists, our galleries, curators and so on. And understanding their problem is the key for us. We are trying to understand and validate our hypotheses or assumptions. Is it really the problem?
Every single day every single week, every single month since we launched this project, we always make sure that we have some new artists, new curators, new galleries, and validate this question. Do you really need such child of platform or not? How can we solve this problem? Will this platform help you or not. This is how we are trying to confirm our problems. And this is confirming our business case as search. Because once you have the problem which is worth solving, of course then I think you have a business that can definitely scale in the future. Now in this case, our developer plays a big role because he said we would like to go back to the beginning of the story like to achieve.

Bluebilities: What is your view about the startup pitch?
Team Artbook: For us, it gave us a really nice platform where we can grow and we can get success. I want to give full credits to them because they’re organizing a nice event and we’re really gathering confidence in our self that we can lead this to the success. When we start we, we’re really not sure about it but then Bluebilities are looking for a nice pitch competition and really have some confidence in that we can do it. Right now, we are getting so many feedbacks and maybe the next pitch competition. It just gave us a good confidence and way to move further.

Bluebilities: Do you think Bluebilities can help your mission?
Team Artbook:
Yes, I think Bluebilities is really a platform for the talent, the start-ups. I think not only for the start-ups but also for existing companies. They are basically opening a door to the whole pool of talents from all over the countries. These companies are unaware of and I think this will help. Bluebilities could take a lot of load from start-ups like us, to bring us a lot of traction. Maybe a visibility in front of the talent. That’s very important. Maybe in front of the investor maybe, because to grow our self, we need to have a good business case to show the traction in front of the investors. Once I’ve got the investors, I think Bluebilities could help us to say that, „Okay, guys, now you need this group and maybe there, maybe we can collaborate. We can have a partnership in this case. Maybe we can help you to grow more and more. „I see the potential, countless possibilities and potential in this case. To start-up like us, having collaboration with Bluebilities.

Bluebilities: I wish good luck for the whole team. It was a very nice conversation with you.

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