Access International Talent

At Bluebilities our mission is to help recruiters explore talent globally. Our goal is to be the biggest source of high quality technical talent for German companies internationally.

Core Values

Talent has power. International talent bring the power to transform the ways in which global companies understand the growing economies like India, Brazil, China or Phillipines.


We focus on a long lasting matching between candidates and the corporate cultures for a sustainable growth.

Common Goals

We work with partners who believe in the potential of International talent for creating our programs

COmmunity DRIVEN

Our business is built on the power of communities to help each other out.


We never forget who we do it for. Hard working International candidates who have huge respect for German companies

Global Responsibility

Digitisation is changing business models and value chains entirely. This needs new talent bridges to the rapidly developing economies such as China, India and Brazil.

Green Technologies

In Europe mobility and energy supply will become almost completely renewable till 2050. We support this transition with the best minds from an international talent pool.

Passion for Networking Meets the Startup Agenda

We are a Berlin based startup specialising in recruitment and competence development of international professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and International Management.

We focus on helping companies open new channels for accessing international talent in Germany and Europe through using a combination of a unique referral mechanism, talent database and active sourcing. In collaboration with our partners we are creating international talent bridges that allow flow of ideas, skills and investment for Innovative Technologies.

Dr. Markus Wiencke & Birgit Metzger
Founders, Bluebilities

Explore Global Talent

We offer solutions that help you reach international high potentials for your Global offices both in Germany and International locations