Grow with international tech talent

Bluebilites opens up new avenues for you to win international tech talent. We recruit international high potentials for working in Europe and at your international locations. 

We recruit in the areas of IT | Technology | Engineering | Mathematics | Natural Sciences

Efficient networks

Use our networks and open up new channels to international high potentials for a fast and accurate matching.

Personalised approach

We offer an individual assistance for the entire recruiting process.

Low cost – no risk

Only when the contract is signed with the candidate will we charge 14% of the first annual gross target salary.


Transparent matching

We involve you in the selection process for the shortlist.

Transparent price


• 14 % of the first gross annual salary (plus 19% VAT)

• No advance payment, no risk for you

• The commission is not due until the signing of the contract with the candidate


Trained in Germany and Europe

Our candidates have degrees from German and European universities (UK, France) and speak English and German.


New access to STEM talents

Foreign STEM experts are a vital resource to meet the shortage of skilled workers. The largest group are Indians. Around 8,000 Indian STEM experts are already working in Germany.


Major increase in international professionals

We settle the necessary visa formalities for you. The Blue Card (EU) allows international engineers and IT experts to work in Europe on a long-term basis.