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Access International Talent for Your Global Business.

Bluebilities helps you recruit internationalized high potentials with German education for your global operations .

Recruitment and Capacity Building

We work closely with partners including Chambers of Commerce with Developing Economies to get you access to talent in Germany and your global operations.

Internationally Mobile Candidates Trained in Europe

Few of the most agile startup teams are already scouting candidates directly from India, Brazil and Indonesia. Our mission is to help you reach these candidates directly from Germany. Candidates who have finished education in Europe and those ready to relocate from and to Germany.

Global Skills

Candidates on average have B1 level of German language skills plus degree from European universities.

Adaptive and Capable

Talent Managers find International candidates from countries such as India, Brazil, Indonesia easy to retain.

Open A Complete New Search Channel for MINT Talent

Germany is absorbing more MINTernationals than ever before. These candidates have on average 3-4 years of job experience and are looking to build long term careers in Germany. We help you reach 20.000+ MINT candidates in Germany.


No upfront costs. You pay only when you hire a candidate successfully.


We share the candidate details right from the initial stage of your selection process.

Increase Hiring Efficiency

We understand that active sourcing gives the best results for hiring managers. We simply open a channel to connect active job seekers who have not discovered you yet.

Fast & Easy

You would recieve profiles from our pre screened database within days of sharing positions.

personalised Matching

Candidates are shortlisted based on skills, experience and company culture fit.

Your vacancies need not stay open.

There are skilled candidates with the required language capabilities waiting for an opportunity. Give us a risk free trial and discover the fresh perspectives of high flying talent.


Most candidates are already in Germany. You get visa support if you recruit talent internationally.


You pay 18% of the gross annual salary only when you make a successful hire.

Increased REACH

With our university and community partners we make hiring for MINT positions more efficient.

Talent Sourcing Beyond Platforms

We want to help recruiters go beyond the social networks and agencies charging high commissions. That is why we built our own community networks and database

Talent Database

1.000+ experienced candidates actively seeking jobs already have registered with us. More than 50 job seekers sign up every week.

Referral Network

We make hiring through referrals easier. Over the last year we built our international community networks from grounds up.

Open Positions Portal

Whenever you share an open positions we start special recuitment drive to receive fresh applicants competing for the openings.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Sign Up With Us on Bluebilties We just need your Name, Company, Email id and Phone Number 2. Have a Short Onboarding Call  We try to understand your major hiring requirements and the profiles you are looking for 3. We send you profiles of pre-screened candidates

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Try Us. You will love the results

Bluebilities uses a mix of referral system, talent database and individual matching to help you find international high potentials.